4 Tree Cutting Mistakes to Watch Out For

Removing trees yourself seems like the perfect DIY project, but common tree-cutting mistakes pose serious safety risks. Improper tree trimming techniques lead to insect infestations, dead branches, and unsightly leftover tree stumps. Contact professional tree removal in Houston for help with your next tree trimming project.

Tree trimming professionals understand the best techniques for supporting healthy trees. Dangerous situations occur when inexperienced homeowners attempt to cut away expansive tree branches hastily. Continue reading to learn the four tree cutting mistakes to avoid: 

4 Common Tree Trimming Mistakes 

Common tree removal mistakes lead to property damage and disrupted landscapes. Trees produce vast root systems that expand widely across the properties of homeowners. Before grabbing the chainsaw and cutting trees yourself, consider the following common mistakes of DIY tree trimming: 

Improper Technique

Trimming trees requires more than slashing away long branches. Tree trimming experts have trained for many years to learn the proper techniques for removing rotten trees and pruning invasive branches. Tree-cutting strategies employed by professionals include the following: 

  • Directional pruning 
  • Crown thinning 
  • Crown raising 
  • Crown reduction 
  • Drop crotch cuts 

Harmful cuts into the bark collar or tree trunk allow pest infestations, mold, and bacteria to slowly deteriorate the trees’ health. Removing strong U-shaped branches decreases the tensile strength of trees and leads to weak canopies. Take advantage of the skills and knowledge of tree-trimming experts for all your tree-cutting needs. 

Safety Concerns

Without the proper equipment, tree trimming proves incredibly difficult. Attempting to scale trees yourself may cause irreversible damage to your trees and lead to severe personal injury. The equipment utilized by tree-trimming experts includes the following: 

  • Safety ropes and harnesses 
  • Pole saws
  • Aerial lifts 
  • Wedges
  • Tree loppers 

Tree cutting mistakes may even cause death, as fallen trees and chainsaw malfunctions put homeowners in deadly situations. Protect yourself and your property by contacting experienced tree trimmers for all your tree-cutting needs. Tree service experts undergo rigorous safety training to ensure their personal safety and the protection of your property. 

Lack of Insurance 

Trees growing on your property remain your financial responsibility. For example, if expansive tree roots from trees on your property damage your neighbor’s utility lines, you must pay to repair the damage. Similarly, if fallen tree limbs damage your neighbor’s property, prepare yourself to shoulder all needed repair costs. 

Professional tree services maintain valid business licenses and insurance to protect homeowners from personal injury and property damage. Don’t risk injuring yourself or causing damage to your neighbor’s property. Enlist the help of trained professionals for all your tree-trimming projects. 

Cutting a Dead Tree 

Homeowners often attempt to trim the branches of a dying tree. No matter how many branches get removed from a dead tree, the tree lacks the proper nutrients to survive. Dying trees often produce weak branches, discolored leaves, and holes in the tree bark. 

Contact your local tree experts to receive a complete health evaluation of your trees. Dying trees pose safety risks, especially during storms and inclement weather. Professionals remove dying trees to reduce the chance of wood-boring insects migrating to wood surfaces in your home. 

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