Tree Split by Lightning: Why Let the Pros Do the Work?

A tree split by lightning can leave you startled and not knowing what to do. If you’re lucky, your tree is still standing. If you’re unlucky, it fell and crushed your house—or worse yet, your neighbor’s house.

Either way, you need to hire a professional tree service in Missouri City, TX, for emergency tree inspection and possible removal.

Here, we explore why hiring a professional arborist to remove lightning-damaged trees is preferable to doing the job yourself.

Why Does Lightning Strike Trees?

Lightning strikes trees, especially tall trees because tall things attract lightning. In addition, trees have a lot of sap in them, which means they largely consist of water. And water makes a good conductor of electricity.

Trees also have many branches and leaves that can spread the current around so that lightning affects more parts of the tree.

How To Identify a Tree Split by Lightning

If you find a tree hit by lightning, you might wonder how to identify it.

Let’s review some things to look for:

  1. The tree will split, with one side of the trunk charred and blackened. There may also be burn marks on the ground around the tree.
  2. If lightning has struck the tree recently, you might see a stream of smoke escaping from its base or branches.
  3. You may notice a small hole in the bark at the top or bottom of the tree split by lightning; these are the lightning entry and exit points.
  4. The tree may also have large splits in the branches, which can be up to an inch wide and several feet long.
  5. The tree will lean away from where the lightning damage and electrical charge occurred. This occurs because when a bolt of lightning strikes, it travels up through one side of the tree and down through another side. This causes trees to lean over as they grow.

If you don’t see any damage on your tree but want to know whether lightning struck it, look at its leaves: If they appear wilted or fall off the tree, this could also be a sign of a strike!

Why Should You Let a Professional Remove Lightning-Damaged Trees?

Although you may want to remove lightning-damaged trees yourself, it’s best to leave the work to professionals.

Below we list four reasons why you should hire a professional to handle a tree split by lightning:

  1. Safety is paramount when working around power lines; a professional will have the necessary equipment and experience to do the job safely.
  2. Professionals know how to ensure the tree falls in the right direction so as not to cause damage to your home or other structures on your property.
  3. A professional can access specialty equipment like chippers and stump grinders. This equipment enables them to do more with less waste than possible by hand tools alone.
  4. You can be confident that a professional’s work will last longer than if you did it yourself. They use better safety practices (including heavy machinery) and cleanup practices.

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