Houston Tree Care Experts Offer Winter Tree Care Tips To Residents

Winter is known for wetness and cold. During this period, trees are dormant, this is the perfect time to show them some love. They are outside in the cold and cannot be protected from the elements, which can be tough for most trees, especially young ones with little or no defense mechanisms. There are some simple tips that can keep your trees healthy during the winter months. 

Winter Tree Care Tips

Tree care during the winter months is necessary to keep trees healthy and looking good all year round. Some of those tips include:


Because trees become dormant during the winter months, it is the best time to do some pruning especially because the winter stress can cause them to break off which can be potentially dangerous. It is important to prune trees when they are young so they grow up with a good structure. Here are some tree pruning tips.

          Start by removing any dead, dying, or diseased branches.

          Make sure to establish the central leader.

          Also select the Lowest Permanent Branch (LPB). Also, do the same for scaffolding branches.

Protect your trees from freezing 

Some trees, especially young ones and tropical trees cannot tolerate a temperature below 32 degrees. Winters usually get way below that, which means it is necessary to protect them from the cold. 

Here are some simple ways to do that:

          Cover vulnerable trees with a thick cover like burlap all the way to the ground. This functions to keep all the warmth of the earth around the tree. Make sure to use stakes to keep the covering away from the foliage.

          For potted plants and trees, they should be brought to a more protected spot

          Water the trees as moist soil will hold in more of the solar radiation available and give it off at night. 


It is a good idea to mulch during this period. Cover the soil with about 3-5 inches of mulch. Start at the base of the tree and then extend a few feet in all directions, like a circle.

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