Six Tips on How to Care for New Trees

New gardeners often wonder how to care for new trees. The good news is that it’s easier than you think, and with this professional advice from tree service contractors in Cypress, TX, you’re off to a great start.

Find Out How and Where to Plant Your Tree

There’s more to planting a tree than digging a hole and hoping for the best. You should choose the right location to ensure that your new plant receives the right amount of:

  • Sunlight
  • Air
  • Nutrients
  • Shelter
  • Moisture
  • Space

Research your chosen species carefully to know how to keep your tree healthy for many years of growth.

Water Your Seedling

A new seedling needs gallons of water. Start with a deep watering immediately after planting it to help settle the soil and boost it. It’s easiest to use a soaker or garden hose to ensure the water reaches the roots.

You will need to keep the soil moist initially but can increase the space between watering when your tree grows. A good rule of thumb is to water it daily for the first couple of weeks and then work according to general gardening guidelines for the species.

If unsure, do a soil moisture test to check that the water reaches the correct depths.

Use Mulch

At this point, the tree roots are still relatively tender and close to the surface. Keep them safe by mulching the area directly around the tree. It’s better to have a clear bed with a layer of mulch than grass, as the grass will compete with the roots for nutrients.

Additionally, mulch prevents the soil from drying out too quickly and provides nutrients as it decays. It also makes maintenance easier as it cuts off sunlight to weeds.

Remove the Stake with Proper Timing

While some new saplings need the support of a stake, you must be careful they don’t rely on it. Leaving the stake in for longer than 12 to 24 months will result in a weak root system, and the bands attached to the tree can score the bark.

It’s best not to stake your saplings at all if possible. They’re unlikely to need support unless they’re in a highly exposed location.

Be Wary of Fertilizers

Learning how to care for new trees is sometimes counter-intuitive. You may feel your sapling needs extra fertilizers for a healthy life, but you would be incorrect.

You are better off preparing the soil well when you plant your tree. Check the nutrient balance in the ground and adjust it before adding the sapling. It will be more than sufficient for the first few years with mulching.

The danger of adding fertilizer too early is that it may burn the tender tree roots. Digging in the nutrients can also disturb the shallow root system, stunting growth. Since it is likely unnecessary because the soil will still be fertile, it is not worth the risk.

Lay Off the Pruning

A healthy tree will need trimming eventually. However, starting this too soon can stunt growth by limiting the number of viable branches and leaves. Allow the tree to grow for a few years before taking corrective action to allow it to establish itself.

The exception is broken, dead, or diseased limbs. Removing these mean that the tree concentrates its energy on useful growth.

Call in the Experts

Give your saplings the best start from day one with the professional team from Nature’s Tree Removal. We’ll help you choose the best options, avoid Houston’s invasive tree species, and how to care for new trees.

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