Common Types of Trees Found in Texas

Trees offer numerous advantages, from improving your home’s value to adding beauty and reducing energy costs. However, many homeowners are unsure which types of trees are suited for the dry conditions and extreme heat of Houston, Texas.

This post will look at some of the common types of trees in Texas, helping you learn more about planting trees in Houston.

The number of tree species you can find in Texas is expansive. Though we could go into detail and highlight the different species you are likely to come across, the following are the types of trees you will more commonly see around the state.

Live Oak

Live oaks are one of the most common types of trees in Texas. They are native to the north of the Gulf Coast and grow up to 40 feet tall and over 75 feet wide. Under proper conditions, live oaks can live for more than 100 years, with some surviving for 500 years.

Though there are several live oak species, the interior and escarpment live oaks are most common. Since the escarpment live oak only prunes during the coldest and hottest months and is more tolerant to drought, it is best suited for shallow soil.

Live oaks are also part of the best trees to plant in Houston for landscaping purposes.

Cedar Elm

Cedar elm trees are often recognized for their thicker cuticles and smaller leaves, which help them grow in dry, hot climates. Like oak trees, cedar elm trees can survive for 100 years or more under the right conditions.

When mature, these trees can reach up to 90 feet high. Many consider them low maintenance species because they can withstand urban air pollution, poor drainage, and compacted soil. As such, you will often find them used in parking lots or areas where shade is at a premium.

Southern Red Oak

The southern red oak tree often grows in areas with shaded root zones or on rocky slopes and ridges. Considered medium to large, these trees are mostly planted where few other trees or plants will grow because they cannot retain large amounts of water.

That being said, southern red oaks promise to be excellent additions to your home, with the trees providing your property with stunning red and yellow foliage during the fall.

Texas Ash

These are other types of trees in Texas. Typically surviving between 15 and 20 years, the Texas ash tree has the shortest life span. It is considered a small tree, often only growing to a height of about 40 feet.

Some of its highlights include the brilliant colors its leaves attain during fall and the tree’s ability to attract butterflies and birds.

Black Cherry

The black cherry is native to east and west Texas. The tree thrives in moist areas where the soil has moderate alkaline levels and prefers well-drained limestone. It is a relatively fast-growing tree known for its quality wood that many use to make paneling, toys, and furniture.

The tree is perfect for yards because it does not grow wider than 35 feet or taller than 50 feet. On top of that, its white flowers tend to attract various species of birds. During fall, its leaves turn yellow, and the fruits darken.

Professional Tree Services in Houston

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