Landscaping Makeover: What Are the Best Trees to Plant in Houston?

Houston is a huge thriving and bustling city, but what many who haven’t been there don’t know is that it is home to amazing parks and green spaces in the midst of the urban jungle. Terry Hersey Park and Memorial Park are two examples where nature is flourishing in Houston.

If you want your yard to mimic these beautiful spaces, you need to plant trees that can thrive in Houston. They need to withstand extreme heat and be hardy enough to stand up to intense winds during hurricane season

In this guide, we’re going to tell you the best trees for Houston homes that will add beauty and shade to your property. Let’s jump in.

1. Live Oak Trees

When you think of the south, one of the first things that should come to mind is live oak trees covered in stunning Spanish moss. Live oak trees are common trees in Houston that are beloved for their large size. They typically reach 50 feet, and their huge canopy provides plenty of shade.

They are a great species for Houston because they are hardy enough for heat and extreme weather, and they are low-maintenance.

2. Southern Magnolia Trees

Another staple of Texas, Southern Magnolia trees make a statement with their elegant dark green leaves and unique large white flowers. They are fast-growing trees in Houston, and they can grow very tall and wide. Houston homeowners love them for the privacy they provide and the beautiful fragrance that the flowers produce in the spring.

3. Burr Oak Trees

If you want your trees to reach impressive heights, go for the Burr Oak, which can grow up to 70 feet. You have probably seen front yards in Houston that are covered in pine needles that Burr Oak trees shed in the winter. 

Despite raking up their pine needles, you will love Burr Oak trees for their hardiness and triangular shape. 

4. Mandarin Orange Trees

Do you want to grow fruit in your backyard? Citrus trees do especially well in Houston. Mandarin Orange trees are your best bet because they can handle the occasional cold weather in Houston. 

They may not provide much shade, but they will reward you with delicious citrus fruit and a pop of color in your backyard.

5. Redbud Trees

What about flowering trees in Houston? After Magnolia trees, Redbud trees are a great choice. Their beautiful pink buds bloom every spring and invoke the look and feel of cherry blossoms. Plus, Redbud trees even change colors in the fall, which is a rare sight in Texas.

These trees are on the smaller side growing up to 20 feet. However, they handle Houston heat well and don’t mind droughts. They are great small trees for Houston.

Final Thoughts on the Best Trees for Houston

Out of the best trees for Houston mentioned above, which one do you want to plant? They all have unique features and can enhance your property.

For more resources on trees in Houston, Texas, check out the rest of our blog or contact us with your tree removal needs.

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