City of Houston Tree Limb Removal: 3 Tips for the Colder Months

Winter storms in Houston commonly knock out power to tens of thousands of residents for days on end. With winter approaching it is paramount that you get your property ready for some nasty weather to avoid becoming a victim.

Part of getting winter-ready in Houston is handling tree limb removal before it becomes a problem. Preventative tree limb removal costs are much less than paying for damages after the fact.

Dead tree limb removal can be dangerous and fallen tree limb removal can be arduous. If you don’t know what you are doing you could get hurt. Read these three tips for tree limb removal to avoid any incidents.

1. Pick Your Days for Tree Limb Removal

It is much easier to work on trees on a beautiful sunny day than during inclement weather. When conducting any sort of tree work, or hiring a professional make sure to consider the following things.


The wind is your biggest limiting factor when it comes to tree limb removal. High winds can cause dead branches or widowmakers to fall. Strong enough gusts can detach dead limbs from trees and cause them to crush people below.

In addition, high winds can compromise equipment used in the tree limb removal process such as ladders or ropes. Try to pick a windless day for tree limb removal to minimize the potential for disaster. 


Rain makes for a hazardous and slippery work environment. Snow and ice can cause branches to snap off due to their extra weight. Pick a day with minimal precipitation to make leaf and limb tree removal easier.


Tree work needs to be performed during daylight hours. With the shorter hours that winter brings, you need to be able to wrap up your project fast. Once you have started a tree limb removal project, it is dangerous to leave it overnight.

2. Prevention Is the Best Call

Don’t let that potential hazard tree become a disaster once a storm hits. Your best bet is to handle any sort of tree work now before winter weather hits. Don’t be the person stuck calling emergency services in the rain.

3. Call a Professional 

Unless you have extensive forestry and chainsaw experience, you will hurt yourself doing tree work. Your only safe option is to call a professional. You will also need a permit to do any tree work.

“Where can I find a tree limb removal service near me?” you may be asking yourself. By doing a bit of thorough research you should be able to find at least a few that cater to your immediate area.

Get Your Trees Ready for Winter

If you own some forested property or have a few trees around the yard, now is the time to start thinking about handling any hazardous limbs. Tree limb removal is best done before winter kicks into gear.

Rather than Googling “tree limb removal near me” and sifting through the results, why not hire a trusted professional? Contact us today for a quote so that your trees will be winterized the right way.

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