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A City of Houston (COH) tree represents an ancient part of the landscape, but even long-lived ones suffer from disease, damage, and natural decline. Dead or dying trees often pose an unsafe obstacle if not removed from public parks and other city landmarks.

Removing a tree is hazardous and best left to professional tree removing services, like our certified arborists. These tree experts have the experience and tools to safely remove trees or trim tree branches, minimizing the risk of damage to property and people. Qualified arborists also have the knowledge to assist you in replacing trees and preserving the greenery on your property.

Why Remove A Tree?

Damaged or intruding trees might show:

If you have seen a tree that needs removal, you will also need to find out whether a permit is required before the process can begin.

Do I Need A Permit To Remove A Tree?

While you do not always need a tree removal permit, Houston, TX urban forestry department does enforce a tree protection ordinance. The City of Houston (COH) tree ordinance includes information about tree removal on private property and requirements for commercial properties.

The City Of Houston Tree & Shrub Ordinance

The city’s tree and shrub ordinance outlines standards for planting trees and shrubs throughout the city. It also establishes minimum requirements for planting trees at different sites throughout the city, including median parks.

These regulations strive to enhance and increase greenspace throughout Houston. The ordinance also aims to preserve existing greenery byoffering incentives to property owners who preserve and care for existing trees.

Protected Trees in Houston, TX

The COH tree ordinance protects certain trees from removal, not based on the type of tree but on where the location, including:

Green Corridors

The City Council has designated certain portions of major streets and highways as “green corridors.” These areas are at least one mile long, and include trees with trunks at least 15 inches in diameter.

Parkway Trees

These trees are within or outside the Green Corridor and positioned between a street curb and a nearby property line.

Other types of protected trees include:

  • Right-of-Way trees (street trees along a public street).
  • Corridor trees (which are located on city property or on a setback area). These trees are at least 20 inches in diameter.
  • Designated Trees (chosen by the City Council and located anywhere in the city). These trees may have special arboricultural or historical significance.

How To File For A Tree Removal Permit, Houston, TX

If you want to obtain a permit, or if you are unsure whether the tree you want to remove is eligible for this process, it is best to contact the Urban Forestry Division. A city forester will come to assess your situation and determine whether your tree is protected.

You will also need to file written notice of your intent to remove a protected tree 20 days before the removal. The notice must include a map of the site illustrating where the tree to be removed is located, and a landscape plan of where any replacement trees will go.

  • Violations of the City of Houston tree ordinance garners fines of up to $500 per day for each infringement.
  • You may also receive a $90 fine per inch, based on the diameter of the tree.

Landscape Plan Requirements In Houston TX

The required landscape plan must include standards for planting trees, including:

  • preservation plans in detail,
  • proposed maintenance of the trees,
  • placement and
  • techniques that will be used for all the trees.

The requirements vary depending on the property type.

A landscape plan identifies all the above, including below-ground information about a property. It shows the locations of current and proposed utility lines and pipes, roads, sidewalks, streetlights, and any current landscaping and elements. The proposal also includes planting and construction details.

Commercial & Multi-Family Developments

Large or industrial properties require a higher volume of greenery, and some of the planting options include:

  • Shrubs and landscaping buffers
  • Trees planted in parking lots
  • Street trees for shade or decorative appeal

Single-Family New Construction

Trees planted on single-family type properties must be selected from the street tree or parking lot tree list, which details every acceptable species. Building sites that are less than 5,000 square feet require only one new or preserved tree.

Larger sites require at least two trees, and these can be new or preserved (one of the trees must be abutting a right-of-way).

Consulting Our Certified Arborist

Once you’ve secured a permit for tree removal, you will need to choose a professional tree removal service to do the job for you. While it is possible to remove a tree yourself, it isn’t wise.

A professional tree removal company in Houston has the equipment and experience to complete the job safely and handle any complications that might not be covered by your health or home insurance policies. Certified arborists form part of these professional tree removal services and bring something far more valuable to the process.

In addition to the physical removal, arborists ensure a wealth of knowledge about tree biology and ecosystems. These Houston professionals are the best choice to assist with protecting and managing tree removal and replanting effectively. Our certified arborist is also positioned to evaluate the tree in question, determine whether it should be preserved, and obtain the right tree removal permit, Houston, TX.

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