What is Root Barrier Made of and How Can They Help

If you are looking to plant new trees around your home, sidewalk, or driveway, it could be beneficial to have a root barrier installed. A Root barrier aids in preventing the tree roots from growing and causing damage to your hardscapes.

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We will answer “what is root barrier made of?” and break down the benefits of having them.

What is a Root Barrier?

A root barrier is a type of wall that you place underground to control how the tree roots grow. By managing the growth of the roots, you can help prevent damage to your sidewalks, landscape, curbs, or buildings by preventing the roots from becoming too big.

What Is Root Barrier Made Of?

There are two different root barrier options to consider when planting your new trees. No matter which type of root barrier you choose, you have the option to use one with a chemical inhibitor. Using a chemical on your root barrier adds extra protection by slowing down the growth of the root.

Permeable Root Barrier

These screens, or root traps, are made with woven fabrics or fiber. The screen acts as a filter and allows water to enter. It only allows small roots to pass through and helps redirect the larger ones.

Solid Barriers

Solid barrier makers most often use plastic, fiberglass, or metal. These barriers make a physical wall so the roots cannot grow past the barrier. A solid barrier causes them to expand far enough underground that the root cannot cause damage above ground.

The solid barriers, or the root deflectors, stop water from entering the soil and draining correctly. If this happens, the roots can grow around the barrier if there is not enough room.

How Can Root Barriers Help?

A root barrier is installed to protect sidewalks, curbs, building foundations, and walls from the roots of nearby trees. It helps control the uprooting of these hardscapes by containing the roots in one area.

Important Installation Information

If you choose a permeable root barrier or a solid barrier, installing them right is vital to how well they will work. Having a continuous barrier that is at least two feet deep will redirect the roots that are most likely to cause damage.

The deeper the root barrier, the more effective it is at preventing the growth of roots that can harm your hardscape. The tree root barrier should come above the surface, limiting how much the tree can grow.

You should install root barriers when you first plant your trees to avoid the potential risk of damaging the tree’s root system. If you are looking to add a root barrier to a tree that is already rooted, you may have to do some root pruning for it to function correctly.

Helpful Tips

Loosening the soil helps the root barrier process and ensures it works. Breaking up the soil around the tree helps the barrier create a more robust root system and aids in manipulating the direction of the root.

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