Houston’s Tree Care Professionals Available for Tree Service Emergencies 

Trees sometimes suffer from different issues regardless of the care you give them. Some of these issues are either man-made or caused by nature. 

Whatever the causes, it’s best to have an expert look at the trees and remove anyone that may pose a danger to lives and property. 

Nature’s Tree Removal explains some common tree issues and emergencies.

Common Tree Issues and Emergencies

1. Insufficient Nutrients

Plants suffering from nutrient deficiency can be identified by some common signs. Yellowing of leaves, stunted premature fruits and falling leaves and branches are some of them. 

Some of the nutrients that help your plants grow healthily are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron.

Professional arborists can detect the specific nutrients that your tree needs by carrying out a soil test and supplying the needed nutrients. 

2. Pest and Diseases

Another tree issue or emergency is pest and disease attacks. Different types of diseases are peculiar to various species of trees. As such, these trees have different signs and require different treatment. 

When the number of pests increases suddenly on your property, calling an expert tree insect and disease service is the best move. 

3. Compacted Soil

Compacted soil is often caused by foot traffic on the landscape. This could be from consistent activities in your yard or a parked vehicle for a long period.

When the soil is compacted, it is difficult for water, nutrients or even air to penetrate it and supply the roots of your trees, causing plants in that part of your yard to die. 

To save your landscape, contact a professional tree care service to aerate your soil.

4. Limited Space for Growth

When trees are planted too close to one another, it becomes difficult for their roots to spread conveniently. While this is the case for some people, for others, the root of the tree begins to spread near their foundation. 

A tree with roots eating into your foundation is an emergency that should be dealt with by professional tree experts.

Work with the Best Tree Care Experts in Houston, TX

Tree issues and emergencies require expertise and experience to fix. Nature’s Tree Removal understands everything related to tree care and emergency and has been serving businesses and residents in Houston, Tx. 

Whether you are dealing with leaning or diseased trees, or you simply need tree care and land clearing services, they have the best team for your needs. 

When you think about your tree issues, think about experts who can provide environmental-friendly services. 

Contact Nature’s Tree Removal at (713) 824- 9036 for a quote. 


Tree removal and stump grinding services in Houston, TX Nature’s Tree Removal of Houston provides emergency tree removal, stump grinding and removal, and land clearing services in the Greater Houston area.



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