Arborists Share Hurricane Preparedness Tips in Houston, TX

Preparing your landscape for hurricanes comprises both long and short-term plans. From repairing your roof and window seals to selecting the right plant for the adverse weather, every step builds up.

While you are not guaranteed a 100% clean and safe landscape after the storm, you can take safety measures to reduce the damage to your trees. 

An expert Tree emergency Service in Houston, TX, shares some helpful tips to prepare you for the extreme weather. 

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Your Landscape

1. Prune Your Trees

Removing every dangerous object is a priority when preparing for a hurricane. The strong wind that accompanies this storm makes dangerous projectiles of light objects in its way.

Weak or hanging limbs should therefore be removed to protect your property and reduce the chances of accidents. 

Pruning for hurricanes however may require some technicalities compared to the regular trimming that you are familiar with. 

2. Collect Fruits 

Whether they are still hanging on the tree or collected in a bucket, fruits also serve as properties during a windstorm. 

Falling on your roof, breaking your windows, and knocking down some other parts of your home are a few of the damages that they can cause.

3. Clear your drainage 

The wind is not the only thing you should be worried about when preparing your landscape for a hurricane. Heavy rainfall is another major concern. 

To prepare for this, check your drainage systems for clogs and debris. Clogged gutters, downspouts, and other faulty drainage systems can have your yard flooded. This is not just dangerous for your shrubs, it also leaves your soil soggy and unsightly. 

After the Hurricane

No matter how much effort you put into preparing for a hurricane, it may never be enough. So don’t be surprised when you find a broken branch or fallen tree after the storm.

What should you do? Call an expert to remove the branch or fallen tree. As much as possible, stay away from dangerous branches. They could lead to injuries. 

Tree emergency services should be called on to assess the risk and safely remove broken or fallen trees. 

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