How to Stop Tree Root Sprouts

While the emergence of tree roots from the ground is usually a sign of robust trees, most property owners consider tree root sprouts (also known as suckers) to be eyesores. Aside from ruining the aesthetic of a perfectly planned lawn, they can pose a health hazard since people can trip while walking across them.

Removing tree sprouts can be a time-consuming process. If not done correctly, these sprouts can quickly regrow, resulting in lost time, money, and effort. 

If you want the job done right the first time, you need the best tree service in Texas from Nature’s Tree Removal. Our trained and experienced team offers top-notch services at competitive prices for all our customers in Spring, TX, and the surrounding counties.

Why do trees grow sprouts?

Tree sprouts typically indicate that the tree has been stressed by external factors such as a natural disaster. They can also be signs of the tree trying to battle an attack from pathogens such as a disease or insect infestation.

In essence, the presence of suckers is a sign that the tree is trying to regenerate and return to a healthy equilibrium. Many tree species contain latent buds inside their bark that develop into suckers. Generally, hardwood trees such as maples, poplars, and oaks will grow suckers to combat stress. 

Can I stop sprouts using DIY methods?

The great thing about controlling sprouts is that you don’t necessarily need to get professional services done immediately. The best way to control them is by making sure that you have healthy trees. Providing adequate water and nutrition can go a long way in preventing unwanted sprouts from growing.

The next best thing is by nipping the problem in the bud (no pun intended). Once you notice that there are tree shoots growing out from the ground, there are a couple of ways that you can control these tree shoots by using everyday household items. 

DIY Method #1

The first method you can try is using rock salt. Salt is a natural desiccant, and placing the salt crystals among the root system will slowly dehydrate the sprouts. However, make sure that no other plants are nearby as the salt can accidentally kill non-target organisms. 

DIY Method #2

Another method you can try is using a vinegar spray. Pure, undiluted white vinegar sprayed directly on the suckers can kill the growth. This is a better option if you have pets roaming in your yard. 

Keep in mind, however, that the vinegar method works more slowly compared to rock salt. You may need to reapply the spray several times before you see results.

When should I call in the pros?

If you notice that the sprouts keep returning or the sprouts have already grown a hard and thick exterior, you may want to consider calling in professional services.

Our team can provide quick and reliable tree sucker removal services while ensuring that your tree remains healthy. Our years of experience have taught us how to remove the sprouts and prevent them from regrowing. What’s more, our sprout removal services will cause as little damage to the surrounding area as possible.

Our Removal Process

Depending on the amount of sprout growth and damage to the soil, our specially trained arborists can use a combination of mechanical and chemical removal. We will provide all the necessary tools and herbicides to remove the offending tree sprout growth. We will also clear away all organic debris resulting from the removal process. 

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