The Downsides of Clearing Land Yourself

Clearing land yourself can be a challenging task if you have never done it before. It is time-consuming and hard work.

Clearing a piece of land is the process of removing trees, shrubs, bushes, or any other plants, including grasses, that are in the way of developing a piece of land.

Land clearing companies can handle all of these jobs for you at a cost that is often cheaper than renting your own equipment and doing it yourself. If you don’t already have access to everything you need, some unexpected expenses frequently crop up when people clear land themselves, like dump fees and other disposal costs.

A professional tree trimming service in Houston, such as Nature’s Tree Removal, has all the right tools and training for the job—and they’ll safely get those trees out of your way in no time so you can focus on the next thing!

3 Top Downsides of Clearing Land Yourself

Clearing land yourself can be risky and sometimes even dangerous.

Below are several problems you may encounter when attempting a DIY approach instead of calling experienced land clearing companies to do the job:

Accidentally Removing Valuable Trees

Before building your dream home, you have to clear the lot and remove everything from it. Although this sounds like a simple job, it’s quite the opposite. Land clearing involves removing all vegetation from the lot, as well as any larger trees, large rocks, or debris.

Clearing your lot doesn’t mean you should completely remove all the tree stumps and vegetation, as some bushes and trees can add shade and curb appeal. Additionally, some trees have valuable wood, so taking them down and selling them can help you recoup some of the cost.

For example, healthy oak, maple, walnut, and beech trees can fetch a high price, as long as they aren’t damaged or ill. Professional land clearing contractors can spot these varieties and give you the proper tree removal services you require to ensure you not only remove trees properly but sell them at the right prices.

Failing to Define Borders Properly

If you’re a new landowner, you probably can’t wait to get out there and start building. But before you begin clearing trees and pathways and erecting buildings, you need to clearly define your property lines with a licensed surveyor.

Even if you have an idea of the property lines, you should never start clearing the plot until you have a professional mark them clearly. Without defined boundaries, you can accidentally damage or remove trees on the adjacent property, which could result in the owner suing you for the damage.

Failing to Check the Appropriate Zoning Laws

If you’re ready to clear a lot and build a new home, your first thought might be to check if you have the proper permits.

But, if you don’t go a step further and check the zoning laws, you could face fines and delays in your project.

After checking that you have the proper permits to construct your building, check with the zoning office to see if any conservation statutes are in place for the vegetation on the property. You may need to request a permit to remove endangered trees and bushes before work begins on the land or risk hefty fines.

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